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Haseya Services

Haseya Advocate Program will serve Native victims and survivors in El Paso County to rise up from the oppressive nature of domestic and sexual violence by providing them with culturally sensitive and appropriate advocacy including safety planning, providing information about local remedies and resources, accompaniment, and problem solving.

Guiding philosophy

Red Wind Consulting's guiding philosophy is to honor Native Women by incorporating traditional ways of helping and healing while promoting self-determination and reestablishing her humanness and sacredness of being a life giver.
Through our advocacy work, we strive to reclaim our traditional values of respect and cooperation and we work to restore balance and harmony to our tribal communities.

In our work, we recognize and honor the strength of Native women. Advocacy goes beyond providing a service and managing a survivor as a case. Our purpose is to restore her status in indigenous society, and in doing so, we must work to undo the impacts of colonization and internalized oppression.

As the influence of colonization took over, women’s sovereignty and respect for women weakened. Government attempts to assimilate Native people destroyed the power and prestige of Native men. Native women were dehumanized and attempts to destroy her inherent power lead to physical and sexual attacks that ensued over the course of centuries to follow.

As values of colonizing societies were adopted, the mutual respect between Native women and men was damaged, as was the balance and harmony inherent in tribal societies.

Haseya provides time and space for Native survivors and victims to be supported in their own indigenous identify while she receives services that respond to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence and/or sex trafficking.

Transitional Housing Program

The Haseya Transitional Housing Program will work with the survivor once they are accepted in to the program and assist with identifying and securing housing and provide a rental subsidy while the person is in the program.

The program will assist survivors with a minimum of 6 month to 12 month program that includes safety planning, support services, cultural identity strengthening, and housing assistance.

You can access an application for assistance here.
For more information, contact an Haseya Advocate at 719-600-3939.

There’s a recognition that power comes from within. It comes from having knowledge and vision. The sun has power. The wind has power. We have the power to bring forth and nurture new life. That’s the power Mother Earth has. There’s the power of love.
Washinawatok, 1995
Services provided
Advocates are to act as a biased supporter for American Indian Women who have survived domestic or sexual violence (DV/SV). Advocates will support, advocate within the systems, educate and inform victims, and the Tribal Community. Advocates will reduce barriers for victims/survivors of DV/SV when able to do so.

Length of support services will be offered until the victim no longer chooses to utilize our services or funding is depleted.
  • One to one support.
  • Educational support group.
  • Supply you with information regarding sexual violence, domestic abuse, dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking.
  • Advocate on your behalf.
  • Referrals for additional support services.

All services are confidential and free of charge.
Contact the Haseya Advocate for more information.

When the criminal justice system begins to act in a person's life, they often have little to no information about what will have, what there rights are and what they might expect to happen.

It is the Haseya Advocate's role to act as a biased supporter for American Indian Women who have survived domestic or sexual violence (DV/SV). The Haseya Advocate will assist Native victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and trafficking as they maneuver the criminal justice system involvement resulting from the abuse. The Advocate can explain the processes, accompany you to court and meetings with criminal justice practitioners such as law enforcement and the prosecutor. The Haseya can explain your rights as a victim of crime and assist you will accessing victim assistance where appropriate.

The Haseya Advocate is not a legal expert and will only explain processes, provide information and accompaniment. When necessary, the Haseya Advocate will assist you with seeking legal counsel as necessary.
Civil and Criminal Justice Advocacy

Advocates will support survivors and advocate within the systems with and on behalf of victims, educate and inform victims of their options and the processes that are to follow, and the local Native Community.

Advocates will reduce barriers for victims/survivors of DV/SV when able to do so.

All Haseya Advocate services
are confidential and free of charge.

Medical Advocacy

Healing from abuse is important. Often a victim of violence might not consider medical care a necessity because they might be able to walk away or not understand their options in seeking medical care, a forensic exam, emotional/mental health, or traditional care.

The Haseya Advocate can help a victim understand the importance of seeking medical attention and how to access a medical forensic exam.

The Haseya Advocate can accompany the victim to the hospital, assist with making necessary phone calls, providing transportation and support each step of the way.
Services an Haseya Advocate can offer includes:
  • Assisting you with seeking medical care.
  • Assisting you with accessing a sexual assault or domestic violence forensic exam.
  • Assisting you in reporting to the police.
  • Explaining civil and criminal court processes.
  • Assisting in filing an Order for Protection.
  • Going to court hearings with you.
  • Going with you to meetings with law enforcement, with the prosecutor, etc.
  • Going with you to followup appointments.

Victim Compensation Fund

If you have been physically or emotionally injured as the result of a crime, or a member of your family has been killed as a result of a crime, you may be eligible for compensation for your financial losses. Losses directly related to the compensable crime are eligible for reimbursement, and may include:

Medical Expenses
Mental Health Expenses
Lost wages
Loss of support to dependents
Residential Property Damage to Exterior Windows
Locks and Doors
Funeral Expenses
The Haseya Advocate can help you learn about the process, help you fill out the forms, and file paperwork with the appropriate agency.

Contact the Haseya Advocate
Haseya Financial Assistance Fund

Haseya will provide
modest financial assistance for the following types of things/activities:
  • Short-term immediate housing assistance,
  • Transportation assistance or bus passes;
  • Childcare stipends to take care of activities necessary to addressing the aftermath of the violence; and
  • Assistance with emergency resources such as utilities, accessing birth certificates, educational resources.
In order to access the Haseya Financial Assistance fund, a person must be a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and/or trafficking. And be working with an Haseya Advocate.

All financial assistance is dependent on funding being available.
Haseya Women's Wellness Group
Native specific women’s groups are provided to create a community of women working together to understand the dynamics of violence against Native women. Topics discussed will include domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and sex trafficking. Each group will also engage in a variety of hand work during the delivery of topics.

The approach is to engage in a process of personal and social transformation. This is not a psychological environment. Wheel the groups provide a forum for support, it is framed around education and an opportunity for women to discuss the reality native women face and embraces the strength and beauty of our native culture.

The women’s groups provide an opportunity for women to learn from each other while participating in a culturally specific facilitated group.

Contact the Haseya Advocate for time and location of Women's Groups.
Comfort Kits - Traditional Medicines

We know that our traditional ways offer comfort and healing from trauma in our lives. Haseya provides Comfort Kits that contain traditional items such as sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or pollen that can help bring some comfort in these trying times.

Additionally, as needed, Haseya also provides basic items such as a change of clothes and toiletries for those persons in need of such items.