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Women are Sacred
According to Minnesota’s American Indian Battered Women: The most fundamental aspect of a woman’s role in tribal life was her status as a woman. By virtue of her gender, she was accorded great respect.

The legends of creation differ from tribe to tribe, but most equate the power of woman with that of the Earth Mother, universally honored and respected for her life giving powers. In various tribes this honor and respect was evident in the way in which Native women were active and influential in political, religious, and economic spheres.

Women are the backbone of Indigenous societies. Native women are strong and beautiful women that have incredible strength to endure and be creative survivors.
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Haseya Advocate Program works to address violence against Native women.

Haseya's vision is that every American Indian/Alaska Native woman will be treated with respect, honored as a sacred being, and have a safe and peaceful life.
Haseya is a program of
Red Wind Consulting, Inc.
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